Licensing and Compliance

United Tote is a leader in ensuring compliance and licensure throughout any regulated sports betting market in both the US and beyond.  Additionally, we are or will be licensed in all approved jurisdictions where an opportunity presents itself.  The map details where we are licensed and/or pending approval.

United Tote keeps test kiosks at GLI and other gaming labs.  This allows for an expedited process when software and hardware updates are required.  Furthermore, we are known by most agencies and in good standing with those respective organizations

Licensed 22 States/US Territories

Additionally United Tote Company is licensed in (36) States and (7) Canadian Provinces providing tote services.

On-site Services and Support

We offer customizable support plans depending on your needs to keep your kiosk operating at peak performance levels, elevate your player experience, and simplify your operational needs. Including: scheduled on site visits by a licensed technician, interior/exterior condition inspection, functionality testing and preventative maintenance.

Network Services

United Tote is willing and able to provide network provisioning and on going 24/7 network support services. Provided details regarding scope of work, number of locations, and post support requirements we can extend a plan fit to need.

Kiosk Branding

Branding creation and application services provided upon request.

Logistics and On-site Set Up

We will work directly with your on-site team to ensure a seamless delivery and set up allowing you to concentrate on final “go live” tasks.

RMA Process

United Tote supports our partners before, during, and after the sale. We are readily available to provide troubleshooting and support via phone or video call. If the issue cannot be immediately resolved, a licensed technician can be on site within 72 hours to ensure minimal downtime.

Elevate the experience for your operators and bettors.